Mama dog reunited with her 12 pups after months apart – thanks to big birthday party

Bess the mama dog has been through so much. She was discovered as a pregnant stray who went on to have 12 puppies, with the last one being stuck in the birth canal for two hours.

Thanks to Tracey Stewart and her husband and the care she received after giving birth at the couple’s 45-acre farm in Colts Neck, New Jersey, Bess’ babies all survived.

Understandably and when the pups were strong enough, they became too much for the couple to handle so the giant task of finding these new puppies loving homes began. Thankfully they were all found forever homes but started their new lives apart.

Then a birthday party was organized which changed everything.



Not much is known about Bess’s life pre-pregnancy. She was found on the streets of Tennessee as a pregnant stray before being taken in by author Tracey Stewart and her husband.

Surprisingly the pups were not the first to go. Hearing Bess’s story, Susan Zaleski felt compelled to adopt her.

“The first time we heard about Bess, we fell in love with her right away and knew immediately that this was our dog,” Zaleski told Reunited.


Then one by one all of Bess’ pups were found homes with the Stewart’s friends and family members.

The dogs were happy in their new homes but after ten months without seeing each other Bess and her pups were reunited.

On the one-year anniversary of Bess’s litter, Stewart, Zelaski, and each of the puppies’ owners got together in the park for one massive birthday bash. Bess, Burrdie, Ginny, Gracie, Osa, Louis, Drake, Rupert, Ranger, Seven, Sandy, and two dogs named Ruby wore birthday gear including party hats and ruffs.

Burrdie, who was the last of the litter and the weakest of her pups, wore a pink ruff in reference to the pink ribbon she wore as a baby.


“Seeing Burrdie and that pink collar around her and remembering what it used to represent, it just touched my heart,” Stewart said.

“It’s nice to feel like this birth is actually creating a community around it,” she said. “My hope is that we get to have this every year and this goes on for years and years and years … to come.”

Watch the adorable video below of the fun canine reunion.

What a wonderful and strong mother dog Bess is and how lucky she was to find a home so deserving of her. Share her wonderful story if it warmed your heart, too!