Man adopts abandoned old dog. One day on their walk he stops to tell his owner something

50 years ago, legendary artist Yusuf Islam (formerly called Cat Stevens) wrote the song “I Love My Dog” — a song about man’s best friend, the dog, and all its amazing qualities.

The song is now 50 years old and to celebrate its anniversary, Yusuf Islam has allowed PETA, the world’s largest animal rights organization, to use it in a striking video meant to help older homeless dogs find themselves a new home.


In the video we meet a man who adopts one old dog from a shelter. It’s love at first sight between the owner and his new best friend.

With time, the two grow increasingly close… from daily walks to lazy evenings in front of the TV; they are inseparable.


It’s therefore a very emotional moment when one day, as they’re having a walk, the dog stops dead in its tracks and stares its owner straight in the eyes.

The owner immediately understands what he means. He takes his best friend to the vet – and is forced to make the decision that no dog owner wants to take.

The message of the song and the video is that no matter how long we have our four-legged friend in our lives, every last second is worth it.


So if someone has a place in his home and in his heart, consider adopting an older dog who needs a new, loving home. Even if it’s only for a couple of months, it can change its life. Both yours and the dog’s.

Spread this message with all the animal lovers you know. Dogs truly are man’s best friend, and all dogs deserve a loving home.

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