Man calls Uber for injured bird because he’s too drunk to drive

An injured bird arrived at a wildlife center in northern Utah in an Uber because the man that found him was too drunk to drive.

It was the first feathered friend Christy Guynn had ever transported in her vehicle and couldn’t quite believe it.

The injured baby lesser goldfinch had been found struggling on the ground and was sent to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah — by Uber.




Intoxicated Utah Man Calls an Uber to Rescue Injured Baby Bird He is Too Drunk to Help

Christy was expecting a normal pickup when she received the notification on her Uber app, but when she arrived at the location she was concerned.

“I got there and there’s three or four guys standing out in the yard and they’re holding beers,” Christy told FOX 13 of Salt Lake City. “And I’m like, ‘oh no. These guys are going to get in my car and I hope they know they can’t bring their beer.’ “

But instead Tim Crowley, who ordered the ride, asked her if she could take the injured bird to the rehab center to be treated as they had all been drinking and he wasn’t safe to drive.

‘First passenger I’ve ever had that chirps’

“At first it was a joke, like, ‘Hey, maybe we should just call Uber!’”  Tim told the news station. “Then we were like, ‘No, really. Why not? We’re paying them.’”

Christy said she was only too happy to help adding, “First passenger I’ve ever had that chirps and doesn’t talk.”

Staff at the center took to Facebook to share the unusual case and to praise the rescuer for his quick-thinking actions, despite his predicament.

Another FIRST you WILL NOT BELIEVE!!! 😳What do you do when you find a sick, injured or orphaned wild animal, but you'…

Posted by Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah on Sunday, June 30, 2019

Despite enjoying the moment with friends, this animal hero still stopped to help an injured bird and do the right thing. 

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