Man hears a throbbing sound in his head, stunned when he discovers what’s crawling in his ear

We humans are bigger than most creatures, nevertheless many of us are scared of tiny creepy crawlies like spiders, snakes, beetles and even bees.

Whether this 60-year-old man was afraid of creepy crawlies, we do not know. But after hearing a strange sound in his ear he went to the doctor — and was horrified at what he discovered.

During the night, many things happen that we are not aware of. For this man in China, he had gone to bed as normal and enjoyed a peaceful rest throughout the night — or so he thought.

The next morning he noticed something strange. Something he had never noticed, or heard before.

Strange sound in his ear

In the ear he felt a sound that he described as something like “beating a drum,” according to U.K. newspaper The Daily Star.

The man didn’t think anything of it but the next night he woke up and heard it again. He tried to ignore the sound, but in the morning it was still there. That’s when he decided to go to the doctor.

He described the weird sound he was experiencing in his head and the doctor immediately examined his ear.

It did not take long to discover what was causing the drumming in the man’s ear. The patient couldn’t believe what the doctor had found.

Spider tunnel

Using an endoscope the doctor spotted a tiny spider that had moved into the man’s ear canal around two inches deep and had even spun a web to protect itself.

Using a simple water spray the doctor was able to flush the spider out of the patient’s ear. He also confirmed that the man had suffered no injuries or damage as a result of the intruder.

In a social media post the doctor said he had removed other bugs from people’s ear such as ladybugs and most commonly cockroaches but never a spider spinning a web.

Find out more about this amazing discovery in the video below, but don’t have nightmares!

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