Man notices deer in his backyard wearing strange helmet

Deer are such majestic creatures and if you’re lucky enough to live in a part of the world where there are deer, it’s not uncommon to see herds of them roaming around residential areas.

One such place is New Jersey. When a resident in the Colts area spotted a deer in his backyard he didn’t think anything of it. But when he looked closer he noticed something on its head that looked very strange.

There was a round  glass dome surrounding the deer’s head that looked like some kind of helmet. When he got even closer he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The young scared buck had his head stuck in a glass globe.

Facebook/ MCSPCA

The resident realized that because he had his head stuck in this strange-looking helmet, he had been ostracized by his family and was wandering around alone.

“Certain species will treat members as outcasts if they look different or are injured so to not invite predators or disrupt the integrity of the herd,” the Monmouth County SPCA (MCSPCA) stated in a press release.

The contraption stuck on this deer’s head had made it impossible for him to eat or drink. The worried resident rushed back home and contacted the MCSPCA and the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife.


Thankfully, help arrived quickly and rescuers were able to release the lone deer from it’s glass cage.

“After he was safe to approach, the glass bowl was removed which turned out to be a light fixture cover which probably had been filled with water the deer tried to drink. The buck was dehydrated from 4 days without food and water and had a couple of scrapes probably from the poor visibility but was able to get up and walk away after we cleaned him up and the sedative had worn off,” MCSPCA wrote in a Facebook post.

A heartwarming rescue story for this rainy Friday morning! Yesterday a homeowner in Colts Neck called us to alert us of…

Posted by Monmouth County SPCA on Friday, 30 March 2018

Everyone thought that was the end of the matter but what they didn’t realize was the deer was too weak to move after its ordeal. The MCSPCA received another phone call from the concerned homeowner, saying that the deer hadn’t left.

Rescuers immediately rushed to the scene and saw that the deer was struggling to breathe.

Thankfully, veterinary technician, Deann Bowen, quickly administered fluids to the weak and tired deer and he had the strength to get up and find his herd.


“We could tell he was completely dehydrated by the way he looked. After we administered the fluids his head perked right up, and after a few minutes his breathing returned to normal,” Bowen said in the press release,  according to Animal Channel.

Everyone breathed a huge sigh of relief when the deer got up on his own and wandered off into the woods.

“The Monmouth County SPCA has been told that there is no longer a single deer feeding,” the press release concluded, “so it is happily assumed that he has rejoined his herd.”

Facebook/ MSCPCA

What an amazing rescue this is. I have never seen anything like it! Please share this wonderful story with such a happy ending with all the animal lovers you know.