Man sneaks up on little girl – then she gives her dog a command and he acts immediately

Dogs are among the most intelligent and lovable animals on the planet.

First and foremost, they’re man’s best friend, they’re always loyal to their family and they often like to cuddle. But they’re also helpful when things get scary. For example, as guard dogs — and especially when they respond to commands likes the German shepherd Arko does.

Many people think that guard dogs just bark at potential intruders. And it’s true that in general, guard dogs aren’t raised to be as family-friendly as other dogs. But a German shepherd named Arko, who was trained at a guard dog training facility in New Hampshire, was raised to be the best of both worlds.

“The protection dogs trained by Protection Dogs Plus provide the best of both worlds: secure personal protection from a loving pet. From our family to yours, we’re devoted to training the most reliable protection dogs while creating your perfect family companion,” Protection Dogs Plus owner and head trainer Khaled Behisy says.

A well-trained dog

The clip below shows how well trained Arko and his colleagues are trained. Many guard dogs forget about their owners when when they attack an uninvited guest. But Arko was taught to carefully protect his owner, in this case a five-year-old girl named Lyla, who is significantly smaller than the German shepherd.

Arko listens with pointed ears to Lyla’s every word, and when the little girl gives the command, he moves forward and grabs the arm of Khaled, who is acting as an intruder in the video.

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It’s really impressive to see the bond between Arko and the 5-year-old girl. And it’s no wonder that the video of this amazing guard dog has been viewed more than 5 million times.

With a dog like Arko people can feel safe in their home. Share this video with your dog-loving friends!