Man takes dog fishing, but when dog comes out of water, he’s shocked by what it brings back

Dogs are amazing creatures. They’re loyal, they’re playful and they’d do just about anything for their owners. But did you know that they’re also incredible when it comes to catching fish?

I knew dogs are amazing at fetching. I can throw a ball or a stick as far as I can and my dog will have it back to me in seconds flat.

But how about fetching things when you haven’t thrown them? Well, the dogs in this video are so good at fishing that their owners don’t even have time to open their tackle boxes before their four-legged friends have brought back enough food to feed a family.

And when you see the size of the fish that these pooches pull out of the water, you’ll be amazed. They deserve trophies!

Check out the video below to see these amazing fishing dogs at work!

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