Men approach mighty moose stuck in tree; animal realizes he’s in no danger and reacts beautifully

Enjoying the great outdoors can be a wonderful experience; being at one with nature allows us to relax and forget about our troubles.

When two men decide to take a walk through their Swedish town and enjoy a breath of fresh air they hoped they’d see some nature but nothing unusual.

When they came face to face with a giant moose next to a tree, everything changes.


The two men had seen the moose before but this time it looked different. Then, as they stepped closer, they realized the moose was actually trapped within the tree.


The men instantly knew that this great creature needed their help. So, with one man recording, the other man grabbed a long pruning saw and stepped closer to where the moose was trapped.

Understandably, the moose gets nervous; he’s unsure as to what the man is going to do and obviously feels threatened.

But once the man gets close enough to the moose he extends a stick out to attempt to free the moose. When the moose realizes that the man is actually trying to help, his reaction is incredible.

His new human friend works hard to free him and it take a few attempts. When he does finally get free, he escapes with such force the man has to run for cover.

Watch this amazing interaction between the two in the video below.

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