Men hurl terrified donkey into a zoo moat

In front of horrified zoo visitors, a group of men pushed a terrified donkey into the water where two tigers lay in wait.

The brutal incident was filmed and has sparked a furious response around the world.


At the Changzhou Zoo in eastern China, the donkey was dragged out the back of truck and throwin into the water.

According to the Telegraph the incident, which happened in 2017, was due to a dispute between a zoo investor and zoo managers.

The terrified donkey had no chance as it landed in the water where two hungry tigers lay in wait.

As one tiger jumped onto the donkey’s back another clawed at its head and neck in a barbaric scene that has left thousands sick to the stomach.

According to a Telegraph article, the zoo said the donkey was thrown into the moat “in a fit of rage” and after apologized to the horrified onlookers, “promising that there would never be a repeat of the incident.”

According to the article the men, led by the investor, had been stopped from selling the animals by security guards so instead decided to use them as zoo food to save money.

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Such a horrific end where an innocent animal was punished in the most barbaric way.

One person watching filmed the upsetting footage and shared it online.  The video quickly went viral causing a furious response on the Chinese Internet, according to the Telegraph.

“Why are humans always worse than animals,” said one comment on Sina Weibo, China’s version of Twitter.

Watch the video of this horrific incident below and please note that some viewers may find these scenes upsetting.

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