Miracle: Puppy left to die in the freezing snow begs rescuers for help

Sometimes, people do things that are beyond explanation. The depths of depravity to which humans are capable of going is scary, and unfortunately it’s something mostly all of us can be affected by at one point during our lives.

Now, abandoning a pet in the street is a cruel thing to do, we can all agree on that. But tying a puppy to a tree in the middle of extreme cold and snow? That’s nothing short of sadistic.

Fortunately, this particular pup had a will as stubborn as the tree he was attached to, and what could have been a nightmare resulted in an unlikely second chance at life …

YouTube / Stray Rescue of St.Louis Official

The dog in question, a pit bull mix, was determined not to go out meekly. He screamed and whined until neighbors were alerted to the fact that something was awry. They were able to alert the proper authorities and begin the process of bringing him in from the cold.

When Donna, of Stray Rescue, St. Louis, first saw the pup, she almost broke down at his condition. Speaking to We Love Animals, she said: “This poor soul completely broke our hearts in two. I was shaking and screaming with fear.”

The veterinarian has never seen an embbed harness l Source: Facebook/StrayRescue
Facebook / Stray Rescue

But it wasn’t just neglect from the elements that were proving a problem. The young dog’s body was covered in bruises and wounds – they contributed to one of the most wretched things Donna – a young veterinarian – has ever seen.

Knowing he was terrified, Donna was scared that the dog might try and run when they first approached him. However, it was as though he was aware they were trying to save his life. Not only did he stay put, but he did little more than whimper as rescuers strapped a lead around his neck.

Despite being abandoned, the puppy is a really sweet dog l Source: Facebook/StrayRescue
Facebook / Stray Rescue

Naming him Weezer, they took him back to the shelter so that he might have his wounds seen too.

Fortunately, the infection Weezer had on his front leg was easily treated. With medication and adequate care, the dog was brought back from the brink. At seven-months-old, Weezer has virtually his whole life ahead of him.

Every one at the shelter is in love with him l Source: Facebook/StrayRescue
Facebook / Stray Rescue

Once fully healed, this plucky young pup’s adoption process can begin, and hopefully a forever home will be found for a dog that certainly deserves one!

I will never understand why people do the cruel things they do to animals.

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