Missing toddler found after two days in freezing cold woods – says he spent his time ‘hanging out’ with a bear

The story of three-year-old Casey Hathaway who survived for two days in the freezing cold woods of North Carolina, has been described as a miracle.

The boy disappeared from his great-grandmother’s backyard on Tuesday. He was found more than 48 hours later stuck in a thorn bush.

He told his parents he’d spent the two days “hanging out” with a bear.



When three-year-old Casey Hathaway was found alive after more than 48 hours in the woods of Craven County in eastern North Carolina, his family were overjoyed. The fact that the little boy was unharmed after two nights alone in dense woodland was nothing short of a miracle.

“Casey is healthy, smiling, and talking. He said he hung out with a bear for two days God sent him a friend to keep him safe,” Casey’s aunt Breanna Hathaway said in a Facebook post.

Crying for his mommy

His grandmother raised the alarm after looking for Casey for 45 minutes without success. Nearly 600 volunteers, FBI, state officials, and divers joined the search to locate the missing toddler.

They found him after reports of a boy crying out for his mommy and located him stuck in a bush. Casey had managed to survive freezing cold temperatures wearing only a coat and sweatpants, according to the  Daily Mail.

As well as his family, he also told police that he’d spent time hanging out with a bear.

The three year old was found by rescuers unharmed and in good spirits.

‘Asked to watch Netflix.’

His mother Brittany Hathaway said, “We just want to tell everybody that we’re very thankful that you took the time out to come search for Casey and prayed for him, and he’s good. He is good, he is up and talking. He’s already asked to watch Netflix so he’s good.”

Casey was taken to hospital for tests, but other than a few scratches he was physically fine.

It’s a miracle that a three-year-old boy survived two nights in the woods in winter, surrounded by wildlife. Share this amazing news with others.