Moose calves’ wonderful joy in water sprinkler warms pet lovers’ hearts

Cooling off in the summer heat is undoubtedly an unbeatable feeling. Especially when it’s done while playing and feeling free and happy. I think every single one of us can agree to that.

And as two little moose calves demonstrated, even the King of The Forest seems to agree.

This precious moment was filmed on a hot and dry summer day in Canada, ten years ago. Cooling off was a must and brought relief from the scorching hot temperatures, and doing so with cool water is always a pleasure.

In this clip, we watch as moose calves encounter a water sprinkler in a resident’s backyard. At first, they are cautious and somewhat afraid of the device. But they decide to get closer and explore.

Älg, lek, vattenspridare.
Photo: YouTube

Fun in the sun

After more closely examining the sprinkler, their mood changes. Cautious and doubtful? Hardly! The calves run back and forth through the sprinkler, just as little children would — and appear to be having just as much fun.

Doesn’t their experience just seem fantastic? Have a look for yourself in the clip below.

Watching The King of the Forest play in this way is really unbeatable for animal lovers. These majestic animals also clearly enjoy a little fun in life, and I’m so glad it was captured in this video.

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