Mother dog’s preemie puppies are put in incubator – and she refuses to take her eyes off them

After a dog named Kuma prematurely gave birth, she was worried.

And it’s no wonder — because the vet put her babies in an incubator to make sure they’d survive.

Now, video of the proud mother watching over her puppies is spreading like wildfire on the internet, and it’s not hard to understand why.

Four-year-old Kuma (who according to the Daily Mail is a chihuahua, but looks more like a French bulldog) recently gave birth to three puppies. The birth was premature though, and two of the puppies were weak and needed extra care to survive on their own. So the veterinarian put them in an incubator for a while after he examined them.

Image Source: YouTube

Like all other mothers, Kuma refuses to take her eyes off her little ones, and now video of the anxious mom is going viral.

It’s really heartwarming to see how attentive she is toward her puppies!

Image Source: YouTube

The puppies’ father, Sour Pork, is also staying at the same veterinary hospital, but he doesn’t appear in the video.

Later that same day, the family went home, where eight other dogs live.

Check out the video here and see how the proud mom watches over her little darlings:

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