Officers pull over for stopped teen, witness him doing something they had never seen before

I’m sure most police officers feel like they’ve seen it all and have met the most interesting characters along the way.

But for officers Jeremy Halek and Tony Weeks they witnessed a site one day that even they didn’t believe.

Their unusual encounter involved 19-year-old called Chris Felix who had pulled over at the side of the road on the  outskirts of Minneapolis.

Officers thought something was wrong and stopped to see if they could be of any assistance, but neither of them could have prepared themselves for the bizarre sight they were faced with.



Chris had pulled his car over to deal with an emergency at the side of the road.

Or at least it was an emergency in his eyes; an injured squirrel he had accidentally hit with his car was in urgent need of medical attention.

The officers pulled over to see if Chris was okay and was met with the teenager performing CPR on the the injured creature.


“We just saw a car kind of pulled over. You could tell something was going on and then as we got closer, you could see that he was giving chest compressions,” Officer Weeks said, according to CBS News.

Chris said he had learned CPR at school. When asked why he did it, he said, “It didn’t look like he had any life, you know?..It doesn’t matter if it’s a little life or a big life. Life is life.”

A minute after giving the squirrel CPR he still lay there motionless on the ground and the two officers felt sad.

Then he just shot up and “took off like a bat outta….” according to the officers.

As you can see in the video below Chris was elated and it was high fives all round.

“Wow, what did we just witness?” exclaimed one of the officers.

Watch compassionate Chris in action in the video below.

Unsurprisingly Chris wants to go into medicine and I hope he does! With a heart like his I’m sure he’ll do great things.

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