Once a day, these dogs line up at the fence – the reason why is melting the internet’s heart

In the main, we humans are suckers for dogs. Most of us know that our four-legged friends deserve nothing but the best, and we’re fully aware that such love is reciprocated when given.

It’s this knowledge that fuels the Good Hands Boarding Kennels in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. The staff at Good Hands are ready to go above and beyond for their charges; they know the benefits of maintaining a happy pack of puppers.

Take their unique method of pick-up, for example, which is not just unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, but so darn cute that we simply had to show it to you guys as well …

YouTube / CBC Nova Scotia

Every day, the Good Hands bus driver makes his rounds and stops outside of the daycare customers’ homes. The staff honk the horn to let the parents know they’re outside, then they get off the bus to give the fur babies a hand in boarding.

Come rain, shine or snow, the bus always makes its journey through Cape Brenton. Some of the dogs it retrieves are even equipped with school bags containing all they’ll need for the day ahead – no, seriously, see the picture below.

YouTube / CBC Nova Scotia

As soon as the bus arrives at its destination and the driver releases the dogs from their road-safe kennels, the pups sprint off into the building in unison. There are all manner of toys at the Good Hands facility, including squeaky toys, stuffed animals, playing pools and staff members to give them human interaction.

Good Hands really is a dog owner’s dream and a dog’s paradise.

YouTube / CBC Nova Scotia

The pick-up method may have gone viral, for obvious reasons (extreme cuteness being one of them), but it’s the simple idea of the dogs having a space where they can play and roam all day that warms my heart.

Have a watch of the video below to see exactly what we mean:

We know, right, why can’t every town have a place like Good Hands for good pups? 

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