Pitbull gives birth to 11 pups, what she does next made her a viral sensation overnight

For those of us who have had experience with our dogs or a dog giving birth, you’ll know how territorial they are.

Stevoni Doyle, from Springville, Utah, knows all about looking after pregnant dogs. Over the last ten years she has fostered over 100 homeless dogs always giving preference to fostering pregnant dogs. So you could say she’s a bit of an expert.

But a pregnant pitbull Grayce she was fostering shocked her with her actions after giving birth. She captured them on camera and sweet Grayce became an overnight sensation. You’ll understand why when you see the clip below.




When Stevoni took in the purebred pitbull Grayce through the Rescue Rovers organization, Grayce was two but had already experienced a lot of pain and neglect.

Grayce was heavily pregnant and in need of a safe place to give birth to her babies.

Soon after she arrived at her safe place with Stevoni she gave birth — to 11 puppies! Her foster mom expected her to stay guard over her litter of 10 males and a female, but then Grayce did something extraordinary.

‘Take them and hold them’

She started carrying her puppies to Stevoni and putting them on her lap.

“She’s like here, take them and hold them and then hold me. It’s just completely shocking,” Stevoini said, according to KUTV.com. “Most dogs, their maternal instincts is nobody touch my babies.”

Her foster mom was so touched she posted the video of Grayce on Facebook and overnight it had 13 million views.

“I’d say by this video she feels somewhat safe,” Stevoni writes on YouTube. “I sure love her.”

See for yourself why Grayce became a viral sensation overnight in the clip below.

Pitbulls get so much bad press, please share this beautiful moment to show more people how gentle and loving these animals can be with the right owner.