Police are hunting a man who repeatedly punched, kicked and choked his dog

This disgusting act of animal abuse was caught on camera. It’s upsetting to see but the police need your help in tracking the abuser down.

The owner, who really doesn’t deserve to own a dog, thought no one was watching while he repeatedly punched, kicked and even choked the dog.

He was caught on a security camera and thrown out of the bar where he was abusing his dog. But now police need to find him and stop him.


abused dog

The red headed guy got angry because the dog wouldn’t stay under the table.

He yelled at it and expected the dog, who was muzzled, to understand but the dog didn’t stay where he was supposed to.

His punishment? He was punched 36 times, choked twice and kicked four times.

There is no sound in the below video, but you can tell that the man is trying to discipline the dog as if it were a human child.

The attack happened at the Royal Oak bar in Lewes, East Sussex, England.

Owner Trudy Funnell, said she has the guy thrown out once she realized what was happening.

Unfortunately she didn’t call the police first so the man managed to get away, according to The Mirror. Sussex Police appealed for anyone with information or who recognised the man in the CCTV footage to get in touch with them.

abused dog

The suspect is in his late 20s, is white, 5’2’ and slim with red hair.

A spokeswoman for the RSPCA said: “The police are aware of this incident and are leading the investigation.

“We will support them in whatever way is necessary and are keen to see the dog and inspect it to make sure it is alright.”

The suspect is in his late 20s, is white, 5’2’ and slim with red hair.

Footage of this shocking incident can be seen below, it’s upsetting to watch but this man needs to be identified, caught and stopped.

Please share! This dog needs your help and this cowardly animal abuser needs to be stopped.