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Police officer secretly filmed doing this to a police dog – now the clip has gone viral

There are so many examples of dogs protecting us humans and even saving our lives. They are our loyal companions, and anyone who has and loves a dog knows this.

Take, for example, police dogs: they are instrumental in using their sixth sense to detect dangerous substances and objects that keep us safe.

They help catch criminals and even step in the line of fire when officers are attacked; so many law enforcers owe their lives to police dogs.

So, when I saw this video I was so horrified and disgusted at this officer’s treatment of a police dog.

A resident filmed the officer acting in what appears to be an abusive way toward a police dog. Since posting online the video has gone viral gaining almost 1.5 million views.


In a video posted on YouTube a resident filmed two police officers; one appears to be apprehending a suspect while the other officer stands in the background with a police dog.

The Hammond Police Department officer, based in Indiana, then does something shocking to the dog.


He uses his leash to lift the dog to its hind legs, then strikes the dog’s middle section with what appears to be another leash.

He then lifts the dog into the air by the leash, and swings him around.


After the video went viral and was brought to the attention of the department, the officer was placed on administrative leave while a review was carried out.

The review found that the dog, who shows no aggression toward the officer, was not abused, according to Hammond Police Department.


As well as being viewed by over one million people, more than 1,400 people have commented saying how disgusted they are by the officer’s actions.


A statement published by NBC Chicago, also said the officer acted in accordance to training during a high-risk traffic stop, but he will be getting additional training.

See for yourself in the clip below and you decide. Some readers may find the clip upsetting.

This is really not okay! A policeman should not act like this against a dog that actually works alongside them. 

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