Possible jail for owners who leave their dogs out in the cold under tough new laws

There are a few dog owners out there who don’t see their four-legged friends as a trusted companion to be loved, but more like a guard dog with a job.

Unfortunately, this means that they are left outside to guard their property — in all kinds of weather.

For years animal rights campaigners have been fighting for some kind of protection for these poor dogs who have to suffer extreme temperatures, often chained up.

Thankfully they have won their fight and a new law has been introduced to protect these animals, with stiff penalties for cruel owners.



As temperatures plummet to dangerous lows across the nation, it’s hard to believe that people would leave their dogs outside but it happens.Now a law introduced by Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Wolf means owners can be punished for leaving their dog outside.

Dogs left alone

Under Libre’s Law, it is now illegal to leave a dog outside for more than 30 minutes if the temperature is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

The law, introduced in the state of Pennsylvania, also helps to stop dogs from being left alone outside for longer than 30 minutes in temperatures above 90 degrees.

People caught breaking any of these rules face a fine of up to $750 and up to 3 months in jail.

Pennsylvania is not the only state taking measures to protect dogs from being chained outside in extreme temperatures.


Other areas such as New Jersey, Ohio and Washington D.C. are cracking down on this kind of animal abuse.

The law was named after Boston Terrier pup Libre, a dog who suffered in terrible conditions, found abandoned in a cage at a farm one winter.

Libre was one of the lucky ones; saved before he could become another statistic of abuse and neglect.

As the cold temperatures continue and some parts are still covered in snow, you can help if you see an animal in need!

The Humane Society says if you see a pet being left out in the cold for longer than 30 minutes: Report What You See and then Contact Your Local Animal Control Agency or the County Sheriff’s Office.

Record your evidence

If possible record the time, date and location of the animals involved. If you can take photos or video that is also helpful.

Then after you’ve presented your information to the officer on duty, be sure to follow up a few days later if you haven’t heard anything.

laws protecting dogs from being left outside in the cold

Please share this important information with all the animal lovers you know and let’s help stop this awful cruelty.