Pregnant woman takes photo of tiger – but his reaction when he sees her baby bump is like nothing you’ve ever seen

You should never underestimate animals’ ability to feel things. Many times they are better at it than we humans are.

One example is when Brittany Smith-Osborne was photographing a tiger in a park in Indiana, Indiana. 

We believe that wild animals should roam free. Many animals currently live in zoos for various reasons. We hope that they receive the best treatment possible when there, but sadly it varies from park to park.

In any case, this tiger living in Potawatomi Zoo in South Bend, Indiana, seems to have a lot of love to give. When Brittany Smith-Osborne and her friends visited the zoo, Brittany was desperate to take a picture together with the tiger. As she straightened to take a picture, her friends noticed that the tiger focused very much on her belly instead of her. After a while, one of her friends said, “Do you think she knows you’re pregnant?”

Rubbed baby bump

They couldn’t overlook how interested the tiger was in Brittany’s belly. Brittany decided to stand up close next to the glass. Take a look at what the tiger did next.

Then Brittany showed the tiger a scan picture that was on her phone. The tiger seemed interested by what was in the picture.

Viewed by over 5 million people

Brittany and her friends thought the moment was so touching that they filmed it and posted the clip to YouTube. The video has received over 5 million views from people who are fascinated by what the tiger may have been feeling.

There are many who have been sceptical about the tiger’s reaction. But we think that they’re underestimating animals’ ability to feel, as well as their strong parental instincts. Share this story if you also think animals are smart and sensitive.

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