Puppy escapes dog fighting circuit and collapses on woman’s porch – then makes amazing transformation

All dogs deserve good lives and loving homes. But when the worst happens and dogs are abused, I always feel grateful to the heroes who step in refuse to let it happen anymore.

One day, a woman from Kansas found a young pit bull passed out on her porch. She was stunned and knew she couldn’t just leave him there. And her swift action marked the beginning of the puppy’s long road to recovery.

This puppy’s story is important — not just because it raises awareness about the horrors of dog fighting, but also because it shows the power of transformation.

A 5-month-old pit bull named Jax was found passed out on a woman’s porch in Topeka, Kansas.

Nobody knows how the puppy got there, but vets suspect he was forced to take part in illegal dog fights.

Image Source: Jacob Meyer/YouTube

Jax was in terrible shape. He had gaping wounds on his neck, and one of his eyes was swollen shut.

The woman who found him immediately called a dog rescue organization, who transported him to a animal hospital. There Jax received treatment and food, and got a chance to rest.

Every evening, the woman who saved Jax visited him at the hospital, She forged a strong bond with him, and slowly but surely, a spark returned to Jax’s eyes. Soon, the vets had some good news about Jax — he was going to make a full recovery.

Image Source: Jacob Meyer/YouTube

Seeing Jax’s transformation brings tears to my eyes. It’s wonderful to know that he’s doing well and that he’ll never be forced to fight another dog again.

And hopefully, Jax’s new family lets him do what he was always meant to do: live the life of a sweet, happy dog.

Image Source: Jacob Meyer/YouTube

Watch this video to learn more about Jax and see his incredible journey:

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