Pups sense new baby is on the way, incredible pictures capture their strong bond

We all know that dogs have an incredible sense of smell, sight and hearing, but just how in tune these senses are with the world around them is always astonishing.

Dogs seem to know more about the world around them than humans do.

When I was pregnant our dog followed me and slept beside me the whole time. When our son was finally born.

He slept on the floor next to the crib. 8 years later they still cuddle up and play everyday.

Video footage and images of two very smart Weimaraner pups show how they recognized a human baby was on the way and waited patiently to meet him, snuggling mom’s belly.

But the true joy is captured when their baby brother is born and they finally get to meet him. The bond is incredible.


Footage of the baby boy and his dog brothers have been posted on a Facebook page, “Frame the Weim” of these gorgeous dogs Nami and Brego looking after their baby brother.

Waits patiently for baby to arrive

When their human mommy’s tummy kept growing the dogs started to stay closer and snuggled her belly a lot recognizing that a new life was on the way.

The family from Barcelona, Spain, decided to share their experience online and people can’t get enough of these immensely cute pictures and videos.

Time flies! #tbt Little Jedi newborn!

Gepostet von Frame the Weim am Donnerstag, 6. Juli 2017

Welcomes little boy into the family

Even though these gorgeous Weimaraner dogs aren’t aggressive and are great with kids the family was cautious when introducing “Little Jedi.”

Before they took their baby boy home, they already introduced his smell to the dogs by giving them one of his blankets from the hospital, according to Animal Channel.

Now that the dogs were used to the baby’s scent, the parents were pretty sure that their four-legged friends would do everything they could to welcome the little boy into the family – and they sure did.

Frame The Weim

These dogs and their human brother are inseparable and have formed an incredibly close bond. Little Jedi looks so content sleeping next to his furry brothers.

Just like the loyal, protective dogs they are, they keep a close watch on their little brother and are very patient as he tugs on their ears and strokes their faces.

Frame The Weim

The images and video that were shared online quickly went viral with so many heartfelt responses.

Source: Facebook

Watch the adorable collection of photos in the video below.

Babies that grow up with this kind of four-legged love and loyalty around them are so lucky.

And Weimaraner’s are very loyal, great family pets!

Please share with all the people you know who feel lucky to have such a great dog by their side.