Python slithers into grandma’s bedroom while she sleeps, then she feels its fangs sink into her skin

It’s the stuff nightmares are made of.

Kaew Sudsopha, 75, was sound asleep at her home in Bangkok, Thailand, when a snake slithered into her room.

As the grandma sleeps soundly her foot moves, making her an enticing target for the snake.

What happens next is incredible.



The frightening images were captured on a CCTV camera her son had installed to make sure his elderly mother was okay.

As you can see from the video below the huge snake slithers into 75-year-old Kaew Soodspha’s room, it’s eyes glowing.

Then it notices her foot slipping off the bed and sees it as a threat.

The snake then sinks its fangs into her foot!

Chased it out of the bedroom

Kaew jumped up at the sharp pain and grabbed her flashlight to reveal the horror that had entered her room.

Thankfully her son, who was sleeping next door, came to her aid and chased it out of her bedroom before calling animal control.

Kaew’s son Nakorn said he was proud of his mom for staying so calm throughout her ordeal.

“I don’t know how the snake got there but I presumed that the snake came from the pipe and crawling up from the toilet,” he added, according to the Mirror newspaper.

Watch the terrifying moment in the video below

I cannot imagine this happening while I sleep but I’m so impressed with this woman’s calmness.

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