Rescue dog adopted by new owner and taken for first hike ever – now he can’t stop smiling

Enjoying the great outdoors is a natural blessing that everyone deserves. Most of us are fortunate enough to know the pleasure of being out on a gorgeous sunny day, surrounded by beautiful nature, whether it be a lake, the sea, mountains, or an enchanting forest.

Animals are not immune from deserving this wonderful blessing in life.

Unfortunately, for Mochi, a beautiful Samoyed from this was never a realistic opportunity.

That is, until a young couple decided to adopt show him and introduce him to a brand new life full of freedom, fun — and a hike up in the mountains.


8-month-old Mochi was owned by an elderly woman who required him as a service dog. She had multiple disabilities and his sole purpose was to aid her in her day to day tasks.

While she did take good care of him, eventually, this Samoyed’s nature was just too much for her. He was fun loving and too energetic for her docile lifestyle — eventually, this union couldn’t be worked out anymore, and she decided to put him up for adoption.

Alison Forsyth

Luckily, destiny was waiting for Mochi. A young woman from Seattle, Washington, discovered the ad for Mochi’s adoption and instantly fell in love.

Indeed, that young woman, Alison Forsyth, had always wanted a Samoyed — she felt the breed was her perfect match for her active lifestyle — and had been searching for years for the perfect companion.

Alison Forsyth

The transition

It didn’t take long for Alison to settle the paperwork and make her way down to pick up her new four-legged friend. But the move meant things immediately changed in a big way for well-mannered Mochi who was raised for the sole purpose of serving others.

“He was raised in a quiet apartment with one woman in a small town; now he lives with my boyfriend and I in a big city,” Alison said. “He still freaks out sometimes when a garbage truck or city bus passes by. We’re working on it! He’s only five weeks into his new home and he’s been a great sport so far.”

Alison soon discovered what Mochi really needed. A hike up in the hills.

Alison Forsyth

A new life

Alison and her boyfriend introduced dear Mochi, for the first time ever, to the great outdoors during a wonderful hike to Rattlesnake Ledge, about 45 minutes outside of Seattle. The moment they arrived, it was clear that Mochi was in love and truly in his element.

“He loved it, kept pulling us along when we got tired and was so, so, so happy at the top,” Forsyth said. “You can see it in his facial expression. It was very new to him and you could see him taking in the whole new experience.”

Indeed, just look at his face — so full of a newfound joy!

Alison Forsyth

From barely being able to go out for a walk to a completely new, active lifestyle full of hiking, running and swimming, Mochi couldn’t be happier!

How fortunate that Mochi landed in the hands of an owner he couldn’t be more compatible with. He is quickly adapting to his new lifestyle, and loving ever single moment of it.

Alison Forsyth

I am just so glad that Mochi’s destiny put him exactly where he needed to be — in the loving hands of caring and super compatible new owner, Alison. The two are a match made in heaven — or should we say, Dog Heaven! Share this wonderful story of fate with all your loved ones if you agree.