Rhino poacher found dead after being trampled by elephant and eaten by lions

Mother Nature always has a way of fighting back.

According to the New York Times, a poacher trying to hunt rhinos in the Kruger National Park (KNP) in South Africa was trampled by an elephant before being eaten by a pride of lions.

It’s said that the poacher, along with three accomplices, was out last Tuesday night looking to bring down a rare rhino. Instead, he was met with a sticky end …

As per reports, the family of the deceased were informed by his fellow would-be poachers via a phone call. However, when a search party was launched by park authorities to verify the claims, they found nothing.

Later on, they were able to recover what appeared to be a skull and a pair of pants, but there were no other remains present.

Credit: PIxabay

In a statement released by the South African Police Service it was confirmed they had found the poacher’s dismembered head and some clothing.

It reads: “A human skull found in the Kruger National Park (KNP) is believed to be that of a man reportedly killed by an elephant while poaching with his accomplices.

“The police received information that some men had gone poaching in the KNP on 01 April 2019, when suddenly an elephant attacked and killed one of them.”

Wikimedia Commons

The man’s accomplices have since been apprehended, with a police statement confirming that the men, aged between 26 and 35, were seized along with two hunting rifles and ammunition.

Several days after the poacher’s death, rangers managed to finally find his body. It had, however, been eaten by a pride of lions while lying in the reserve.

Any loss of human life is sad, but it’s inevitable that things like this will happen when you encroach on wild land. Anyone looking to hurt animals in their own environment should be prepared to face the consequences of something bad happening to them!

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