Sanitation workers hear strange sound from garbage truck – look closer and make a drastic decision

Sanitation workers were out crushing garbage when they heard an unusual sound. On a closer inspection they realized the noise was coming from one of the bags they were about to crush.

They immediately opened the bag and what they saw inside knocked them sideways.


There lay a small gray cat, tied up and covered in gasoline. She was a young, weak cat but her voice was mighty.

“I’m not sure if she initially actually went through the garbage truck, but she was tied up in a trash bag doused in gasoline,” said Dr. Kimya Davani, with the Berks County Humane Hospital, according to CBS Philly.

Those heroic workers with Harold Adam Refuse Removal in Reading took the cat to the Humane Society of Berks County where Davani said it was the most brutal case of abuse she had ever seen.

Davani was amazed that the cat was even alive after breathing in the gasoline fumes in a sealed bag.

“She was in shock, very dehydrated, underweight and her temperature was extremely low — life threatening,” Davani said.

The cat was treated and given the name Miracle Maisy. She still smelled of gasoline many treatments later but as she started to recover her sweet personality came through.

Take a look at the video below to find out more about Miracle Maisy.

How anyone can do this to an animal just blows my mind. Thank goodness for those sanitation workers and to Miracle Maisy’s fighter instinct.

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