Serial killer cuts and maims innocent animals, putting the entire country’s animal owners in terror

WARNING: Graphic content

A serial killer is on the loose in the UK, striking fear in the country’s cat owners.

He kills and tortures his victims and goes by the name “The Croydon Cat Killer”.

Chantelle found her cat killed with his insides cut out of him. If she had locked her cat in the house during the night, then Scooter would still be alive, she tells the BBC.

Chantelle went looking for Scooter the next morning. During her search, she was met by a neighbour who told her he’d found a dead cat.

Facebook/South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty – SNARL

Chantelle Went inside to find a blanket to cover her cat. When she came back, the neighbour was gone.

At first, she thought Scooter must have been hit by a car, even though there is very little traffic in the area.

Witnesses say that Scooter was found on the road with his tail cut off. His stomach was also slit, and his insides were found further up the road.

It was then that Chantelle understood that this was no accident.

She had read about the deranged cat murderer terrorising London’s suburbs, but she never believed it could happen to her.

“I’ve never been jittery in my entire life, and now he’s messed up the tranquillity we had,” she tells the BBC.

The cat murderer has been active since 2015.

Facebook/South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty – SNARL

The police ar fairly certain it’s a man carrying out the attacks. According to the BBC he could have murdered over 370 pets, mostly cats.

The cat killer often acts at night and uses food to coax the pets to him. He mutates the cats, probably in a different area, then puts them back where he found them.

Private detective hunts cat killer

Now a private detective, Boudicca Rising, has been called in by an animal rights organisation to find out who the killer is. She was working with the police not too long ago.

Serial killers are difficult to Catch, but Boudicca is confident that he will be caught.

Facebook/South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty – SNARL

We’re all hoping that he gets caught soon so that other pets can avoid this horrible fate. Share this article if you think people who torture animals should go to jail for life!

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