Skeletal dog almost starved to death rescued by animal lovers – see her miraculous recovery

Angel, as she was named, was rescued from the streets of Palmdale, California, in a terrible and shocking state.

She was skin and bones, on the brink of death; perhaps a stray or perhaps abandoned, nobody knew. But when staff from Rescue for the Hart was alerted to her by a concerned passerby, they quickly stepped into action.

Concerned carers from the non-profit feared she might not make it as her organs had already started to shut down. But thanks to lots of love and some expert attention the image of her today is of a completely different dog.

Her rescuers refused to give up on her and slowly they began to feed her, careful not to cause any further damage by shocking her system. Volunteers also came to visit and encourage her.

ANGEL UPDATE 12.9.14 eveningGreetings villagers. It's been a long and very busy day and I apologize for the delay in…

Posted by Rescue From The Hart on Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Staff saw how strong her spirit was and she clearly had a desire to live. Her energy slowly started to return and her recovery was now a strong possibility.


ANGEL UPDATEIt's been just about 48 hours since we took Angel under our care and it has been quite an emotional 48…

Posted by Rescue From The Hart on Monday, 8 December 2014


Gradually, Angel was able to walk and eat on her own. Her sweet eyes started to sparkle again and her spirit grew stronger each day.

Another day of solid poop and good eating. Holding steady. Every day she gets tiny bit stronger. Keep fighting little Angel. And we will continue fighting for

Posted by Rescue From The Hart on Saturday, 13 December 2014


Under such expert supervision and big-hearted carers, this sweet dog came alive again and if now able to run and play. She found a forever home with a nice backyard to play in complete with an owner that loves and cares for her as she deserves.

Rescue from the Hart

Find out more about Angel’s inspiring journey in the video below.

Thank goodness that Angel was spotted by a passerby that cared enough to get her the help she needed. Please share this happy-ending tale with your friends and family.