Skinny husky is so scared she hides in a corner all day – then animal heroes give her new life

There is sadly so much suffering worldwide. It is natural to think about human suffering first, but we must also not forget all the innocent animals that are leading difficult, painful lives.

In some parts of the world, this is a worse problem than in others. We see that in this story about a husky who looked like he never stood a chance.

Never, that is, until a few good samaritans stepped in and offered him a real chance at life.

A dog compound in China houses and protects hundreds of dogs, many in dire shape. The are brought there after being found as strays or rescued on their way to slaughterhouses.

But while many of the dogs play around and enjoy one another’s company, there was one that stood out among them all — a skinny, terribly sad husky who was so defeated she barely left her corner.

Harbin SHS

The Rescue

The Harbin Slaughterhouse Survivors Animal Rescue (Harbin SHS), a rescue group, periodically visits the compound to bring in dogs that they deem are in most need of help.

When they visited the compound that day, they discovered the poor husky, with its matted fur and terribly sad eyes. They knew immediately they had to do something to help this dog, named Harriet.

Harbin SHS

“We were visiting the property in May, and in the far back corner, I see this tiny little husky looking completely scared,” Rachel Hinman, who volunteers with Harbin SHS, told The Dodo. “I tried reaching out, and she just sat there. We had no idea where she came from, but she was not doing well.”
Harriet was so skinny, she appeared to be way younger than her years. The volunteers brought her immediately to the vet clinic.

When the vet examined her, they estimated her to be around 8-months-old.

Harbin SHS

“We thought she was a young puppy for sure, due to her size,” Rachel said. “But the vet checked her teeth and estimated she was probably 8 months old. She just must’ve been so malnourished that it affected her growth.”

Harbin SHS

But naturally, there’s nothing like tender love and care. The dedicated volunteers made it their mission to bring Harriet back to life, both physically and mentally.

They carefully shaved off her extremely matted fur. The whole while, she sat completely still, barely moving an inch.

Harbin SHS

“She was so quiet and docile,” Rachel said. “It took us a long time to shave off all her fur, but she sat there so patiently and never barked or growled. That really touched me. She had been through so much, and was naturally sweet, playful and kind.”

Aside from her depressed state of mind being malnourished, Harriet thankfully had no significant illnesses or diseases.

The Journey Home

With all the positive new energy and love around her, she soon began to gain weight and, of course, happiness, too! She became healthier and healthier… and soon enough, she was unrecognizable.

A Canadian woman named Rosee Vallee came across a picture of Harriet online and decided immediately she just had to adopt her.

Rosee Vallee

“I knew she was for me the second I saw her; she looked so sad and all I wanted to do was make her happy right away,” Rosee told The Dodo.

It wasn’t long before Harriet was on her way to her new forever home, all the way in Canada. What a journey!

Rosee Vallee

Now Harriet, who has been renamed Bailey, is enjoying her brand new life full of joy and toys and love.

“Since I have had her, we have went on road trips, we have flown together, she went to Lake Louise [in Canada] … She is my princess. She loves everyone she meets,” Rosee said.

“I see her now and it just warms my heart,” Rachel said. “I think of all the people who came together to help her — they are the real heroes of this story. Every dog deserves a second chance, and Harriet is such a perfect example of that.”

Rosee Vallee

We need more people in the world like these amazing volunteers to give animals a real chance at happiness. Please share this wonderful story of hope if you agree.