Soldier retired and separated from beloved dog – watch their emotional reunion after 2 years apart

So many soldiers use dogs to assist them while on duty and they loyally protect those who serve to protect us. It’s not surprising that these soldiers build such a strong bond with their four-legged friends.

So many of these dogs work in front of the front lines, detecting explosives along the paths about to be trodden by soldiers.

When Sergeant Jason Bos retired from duty in 2012 he was separated from his K9 partner Cila who remained with the army. He was heartbroken.

But then news reached him that his beloved dog had also retired and set about trying to get her back. With the help of some special friends an incredible reunion was arranged.


Sergeant Bos spent five years side-by-side in Iraq with Cila. They were together through 100 missions which included working with the secret service and detecting roadside bombs.Unfortunately Sgt. Bos was separated from his beloved chocolate Labrador when he retired from the army due to a back injury.

Two years passed and he really missed his four-legged friend. But then the good news reached him that Cila was also to retire from the army and was free to find a new loving home.

Couch potato life

So, with the help of the American Humane Association and Mission K9 Rescue, Cila was flown all the way from Germany to Chicago to reunite with Sgt. Bos at O’Hare International Airport.

In a tear-jerking reunion, Cila goes crazy when she hears Sgt. Bos’ voice, she’s so happy. Sgt. Bos said Cila was going to be living the couch potato life at his Michigan home.

Watch their amazing reunion in the video below and have your tissues at the ready.

These two deserve all the happiness after the sacrifices they have made on the front line. So glad there are organizations that can help reunite them.

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