Soldier says a quick goodbye to beloved dog forever: 3 years later gets this message

So many of our soldiers rely on the vital help of a four-legged friend to keep them safe and help them to do their job.

They develop a special bond with their canine companions so when the day comes that they have to leave them, it can be heartbreaking — for both of them.

U.S. Army Specialist Vance McFarland couldn’t detect explosive devices in Afghanistan without the help of a Czech shepherd named Ikar.

But, when their time working together ended, McFarland just had time to take a photo of Ikar before he was whisked away on a training program.

Then three years later he hears the shocking news that his trusted hound had been abandoned.


Army Specialist McFarland said that having a dog with him while he served was “almost like having a little bit of home.” So, when their deployment ended, it was hard to be without Ikar.

Unfortunately Ikar’s time after was not happy as he ended up in a shelter for 17 long and unhappy months, as there was no immediate need for his services in Afghanistan.

Thankfully, Mission K9 Rescue learned of Ikar’s struggles and worked hard to free him, along with a few other dogs who had been cast aside and weren’t being cared for properly.

Army Specialist McFarland said he woke up one morning to find a lot of messages asking if he had been Ikar’s handler.

Mission K9 staff had worked hard to find these dogs’ original handlers and had managed to locate Vance.

Emotional reunion

After learning the awful fate his canine friend had endured he immediately agreed to adopt him and Mission K9 Rescue was able to ship Ikar and others home.

Army Specialist McFarland worried that  Ikar wouldn’t remember him, as it had been three years since they had seen each other.

Watch the emotional reunion in the video below.

I’m so thankful that organizations like Mission K9 Rescue exist. These dogs deserve a happy retirement after the heroic work they have done to help keep us all safe. Please share if you agree.