St. Bernard dog goes missing in freezing cold woods – 17 days later, man spots leash and calls the sheriff

I’m so thankful for the dogs who get to enjoy a long and happy life with their forever family. But not all dogs are as lucky.

Old Lady, a ten-year-old St. Bernard, spent most of her life living in a puppy mill in Wisconsin where she was strictly used for breeding.

When she was finally rescued by a foster home, something happened that led her to spend more than two weeks alone and outside in the cold.

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Thankfully Old Lady was rescued from the puppy mill and was in the process of being transported to a new home, where she would live out the rest of her days in comfort.

But when Old Lady got out of the car she freaked out at the snow crunching under her paws and bolted. Unable to hold onto her, her foster owner lost her.

The sweet but timid St Bernard was outside alone in the bitter cold. To make matters even worse, Old Lady’s thick coat of fur had been shaved down recently, leaving her even more susceptible to the subzero temperatures.

Malnourished and shivering

A team spent days looking for her and after two weeks gave up hope of ever finding Old Lady until the 17th day after she went missing. A man was walking in the woods of Zimmerman, Minnesota, when he spotted a leash in a tree.

Her leash was tangled in the branches of a tree, and she was unable to move. He alerted the local sheriff’s office who reached out to Ruff Start animal rescue organization in Minnesota. Old Lady was located and coaxed out of the tree with tuna.

She was dehydrated and frost bitten, but otherwise okay.

Find out more about this strong, sweet dog in the video below.

What an ordeal this poor dog has been through. She is a testament to how resilient dogs are. I’m glad she now gets to live out her days in a new forever home with a loving owner.

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