Strangers watch as dog sneaks up behind man in wheelchair – the photos now have internet fired up

After a horrible accident left Danilo Alarcon from Davao, Philippines, paralyzed, he didn’t know how to move on in life. The city he lives in is not adapted to wheelchair-bound individuals, and he saw nothing but darkness ahead of him.

It was then that a little furry angel entered into his life… An angel that would promptly bring light back into his life.

Photo: YouTube

A motorcycle accident left Danilo injured so seriously that he eventually ended up in a wheelchair. The doctor’s verdict was devastating: Danilo was paralyzed from the waist down.

He saw a tough life ahead of him, made even more difficult still by the fact that his hometown and its streets were not equipped for disabled persons.

Photo: YouTube

It was around this time that he encountered a little dog called Digong. They immediately became best friends.

Photo: YouTube

The two have lived together for seven months, with Danilo teaching Digong to help him get around the city by pushing his wheelchair every now and then when needed. Without his four-legged friend Danilo, Danilo would have difficulty even leaving the house. But now, all thanks to Digong, he can be out and about and do things like any other person!

Their story is now making headlines everywhere, including on sites such as Daily Mail. In addition, a video is spreading like wildfire online, thanks to a woman named Faith Revilla and her husband Danjo, who filmed the two friends together.

Take a look yourself here and share this wonderful story if you agree that dogs are indeed man’s best friend!