Street dogs run toward two teens – when they realize why they have to act immediately

When two teenagers decided to explore an abandoned water park, they had no idea what was about to greet them.

A beautiful white husky dog came bounding toward them looking like he wanted to play.

But hot on the husky’s trail was another dog and the enthusiasm with which they greeted the teens made them slightly apprehensive.

When they realized they weren’t aggressive the teens thought they just wanted to play.

But these dogs were approaching them for a far more urgent reason.

Photo: YouTube

One of the dogs jumped up and the other tried to get the attention of the teen with the camera.

Common sense kicked in and the boys were a little wary of the dogs at first.

But when they realized they weren’t aggressive they started to follow them.

They were led to an area filled with water and then spotted something in the water that immediately caught their attention.

It was now obvious the dogs needed help.

Photo: YouTube

There was a third dog, their friend, who was trapped in a body of water and unable to get out.

It was paddling to stay afloat but at some point would have exhausted itself. The boys had to act quickly.

Photo: YouTube

Watch the moment they save the poor dog from drowning in the clip below.

What heroes these teens are. Thank you for saving this dog. 

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