Teen become mom to unlikeliest animal, now her life is changed forever

Payton Dankworth was an ordinary teen, living life to the full, until one day she got a call from a friend that has changed her life forever.

The high school student from Ballinger, Texas became a mom, but to something completely unexpected.

Now she’s sharing her story online and her kindness is attracting attention nationwide.


The junior high schooler received a call from a friend just a few weeks ago that she couldn’t ignore.

Her friend, who lives on a horse ranch, came across a baby donkey abandoned by his mother and starving.

“He asked if I would like to try keep him alive,” Payton told The Dodo. “He told me that he wasn’t in very good health and he probably wouldn’t make it through the night. I am such an animal lover, and there was no way I was gonna let that baby die.”


Payton went to get the starving donkey who she called Jack. He was emaciated and had been without food for so long he wasn’t used to eating.

She stayed up with him all night and tried to coax him to eat.

Payton is a natural

“This was the first time I have ever taken care of a donkey,” Payton said.

But she seemed to take to her new role naturally and proved to be just what this struggling donkey needed.


“Jack has shown me that he depends on me, and he really does,” Payton said. “He gets a bottle about every two hours, and when I feed him it just makes me happy.”

Thanks to staying up all night to coax him to eat and use the bathroom, Payton secured this baby donkey’s survival.

Now there’s not stopping Jack and his zest for life.

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Thankfully Payton’s family have the space to keep a donkey and Payton says Jack has not only bonded with her.

“He became really playful and now loves playing with my dogs. Right now he sleeps inside with me since he’s still so little.

‘He’s kinda like a dog’

“Jack also will not go to sleep unless my dog is with him. He will cry all night instead.”

Payton and Jack are inseperable.

“He’s fitting in so well!” she said. “I take Jack on walks and he rides in my car with me, too. He’s kinda like a dog and follows me everywhere.”

Payton says becoming Jack’s mama has not only given Jack a new lease of life but has created some direction in her own and now she wants to devote her life to caring for animals.

“Jack has really inspired me to go into that because I just love animals,” she said.

“From watching him barely have enough strength to stand up to watching him run around and play with my dogs has been the greatest thing ever!”

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