Tennessee man accused of beating dog and setting her on fire

The Camden Animal Clinic in Tennessee posted the tragic news last week.

Sissy, a 6-year-old black lab mix, died after she beaten with a baseball bat, hammered in the head and set on fire.

The family of Sissy now demand justice and ask for a maximum sentence for her killer.

The assault on Sissy was done by 29-year-old Cody Shay Townsend who broke into the dog’s family residence, Fox17 reports.

The poor animal got severely beaten trying to protect her family and her puppies.

First, Sissy was hit on the head with a baseball bat and then with a hammer.

And as if that wasn’t enough harm she suffered, she was later dragged to the neighbor’s fire pit. The neighbor was burning a stump in the yard, and Townsend allegedly took the neighbor’s fuel can and doused the dog with fuel before throwing her into the fire.

Townsend told a responding officer that he was trying to kill the dog because “dogs were evil” and he was on a “mission from God” to “kill all things evil,” Benton County Sheriff Kenny Christopher said.

Shocked onlookers who witnessed the gruesome act tried saving Sissy and rushed her to hospital.  Veterinarian Elizabeth Paschall said Sissy sustained significant bruising to her head and eye, a deep laceration on top of her head, and first- and second- degree burns.

Her injuries were so severe that she was in constant pain. Sadly, the family had no choice.

Aware that she suffers, her owners and the doctors decided to put Sissy down.

The culprit has been charged with animal cruelty, trespassing, and burglary.

Allegedly, at the time of the incident, Townsend was under substance influence.

He is now in custody with a $25,000 bond. Sissy’s mom and dad ask for the harshest punishment because what he did was beyond cruel and terrifying. A mommy dog was killed and the family lost their furry child and their most loyal friend.

We hope this man gets what he deserves, and that’s jail time. 

Statement from Camden Animal Clinic:

Sissy here. Thank you for all the outpouring love and support that you have shown me and my family since my attack. My burns were very bad. All the skin on my tummy and chest and inside my legs died. I tried my best to put on a happy face, but Dr. Paschall and my nurses knew how bad it was. Mom, Dad and Dr. Paschall with many tears and much sadness agreed to let me go to a better place. I have no pain now, and I just want all of you to know Heaven is an awesome place. Someday I hope to meet all of you wonderful people. Somebody special here in Heaven told me that the only way to overcome evil is with goodness and love. So please, saturate the world with goodness and love so no other animal, child or human has to go through what I did. Sending lots of love and sloppy kisses. -Sissy