Meet Maine Coon cat Valkyrie – who was born with a “human face”

If there’s any animal that has a curious personality, then it’s probably cats. Unlike dogs you never really know what they want or how they feel about you, no matter what you do for them.

No cat is straightforward – they all have their own little peculiarities and traits that make them lovable in their very own way.

But maybe it’s not that strange. Studies have shown that cats are influenced by their owner’s habits, and perhaps there is a connection between how cats show their feelings and how we humans do.

Now one cat has caught the attention of the nation, not only for her quirky personality but for her quirky looks.

Meet Valkyrie – “the cat with a human face”.

Valkyrie is a Maine Coon cat; the breed is the largest of domesticated cats and they usually attract media attention for their magical appearance.

Valkyrie’s appearance has attracted attention for her unusual face and in the picture below you can see why.

She’s become the latest internet star after her owner and Maine Coon breeder, Tatiana Rastorgueva posted pictures of her online.

Her followers cannot get enough of her human-like expressions.

Not the most cheerful of cats but her grumpy poses have taken the internet by storm.

Her similarities with us humans have earned her the title the “cat with a human face”.

And she’s already got over 60,000 fans online.

So cute!

All cats are unique, and Valkyrie is no exception. Creepy or cute? You decide and don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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