Monster tapes puppy’s mouth shut to stop him barking – and then brags about it online

We’re all familiar with the saying: ‘treat others as we would want to be treated ourselves.’  I think that also applies to animals. Treat an animal well and you’ll get that love back twice over.

But so many people still seem to think that they can abuse animals, because they are just animals and not humans.

In the upsetting image below we see a sweet puppy dog with its mouth tightly bound – and it’s all because he barked too much.


This poor puppy belongs to a lady whose boyfriend grew tired of hearing it bark. Clearly the dog was barking to warn this awful man away from its owner. Dogs have good instincts.

The man, from Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest, decided to use plastic cord to tape the dog’s mouth shut and you can see from the horrid picture below how tight this cord is and I’m guessing must have caused this animal some pain.

Thinking there was nothing wrong with treating an animal this way and clearly proud of his actions, posted a picture of what he had done online.

His picture went viral, but not out of support for what he had done, but because people were quite rightly outraged by the image.

Hund, djurplågeri, Snapchat, bunden
Photo: Snapchat

Originally, the photo was captioned: “When you’re tired of the (expletive) barking!!!!!”

When people began to comment on the photo, the person who had posted it responded with the words “laugh out loud” and claimed it was a joke, according to an article in Register Guard.

He clearly wasn’t expecting the response he did and took down his Facebook profile after the barrage of comments condemning what he had done.

Police in Linn Country, where the man lived, have started an investigation.

We currently do not know how the investigation concluded or if this poor puppy is okay. Hopefully he is safe and free in a loving home.

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Photo: Snapchat

Here’s how to never treat animals! Please share so others understand that this is wrong and more people expose this awful animal cruelty.