Tiger mom gives birth to lifeless babies – but caretakers are stunned when her instinct suddenly kicks in

There are many miracles in life that are important to note. But perhaps the biggest of them all is the miracle of birth. Not much is more miraculous than seeing life sees the light of the day for the first time!

And this indeed applies to every species on earth. In this story, we will look closer at tigers, extraordinary creatures that are really worth carefully studying.

A few years ago, the BBC was given the opportunity to visit an animal care center to witness a tiger birth. In a rare moment, they watched as Sumatran tiger Kaitlyn prepared to deliver her two male tiger babies, in what would prove to be a complicated birth.

The first tiger baby fights for its life when he has trouble breathing. But look carefully at Kaitlyn’s reaction and what she does when her motherly instincts kick in.


Sumatran tigers are an endangered species. It is estimated that there are only around 600 remaining in the world today. It’s therefore important that new tigers are successfully born into the world, and several conservation projects, such as this one at the Australia Zoo, work towards making that happen.

As Kaitlyn prepares to have her babies, then, everyone is adamant and anxious for everything to go smoothly.


But when she discovers her first baby has difficulty breathing, her motherly instincts immediately kick in. By licking her child, she stimulates her newborn’s lungs and gradually helps him start breathing for himself. Take a look at the video below and experience the glory of nature. It really is amazing!

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