Truck driver slams on his brakes – stops to save two dogs thrown from a moving car onto busy highway

I can understand when animals become too much for owners and they have to hand them over to a shelter.

Not everyone can handle such a big responsibility and it’s better that animals are placed with suitable owners, rather than someone who can’t give them the life they deserve.

But discarding animals with the intention of hurting or even killing them is inexcusable. There has been a case recently where puppies were tied up in a potato sack and thrown into a river!

Why can’t people take them to a shelter if they no longer want them? There is no justification for hurting them.

Two beagles were found injured and covered in blood after being thrown from a moving vehicle onto a New York highway.

A trucker saw it happen and immediately stopped to save them.

Beagles Trooper and Adam were taken to Broome County Humane Society, where veterinarians helped them to recover. Unfortunately one of the dogs lost its leg.

After the two beautiful beagles’ story was posted on social media, more than 100 people got in touch asking if they could adopt the cheerful pair from the humane society.

Staff chose couple Connie and Roger Miller to be their new human parents. They bonded immediately and the couple couldn’t wait to take them home.

Sorry to see them go

“Adam is just full of life,” Roger said. “He loves to play, run, fetch, catch. And Trooper is just kind of the laid-back kind of dog, but he loves his partner.”

Roger and Connie aren’t the only ones who fell in love with these beautiful beagles. Staff at the humane society were sorry to see them go.

“It’s really a bittersweet day,” employee Todd Hubik said, according to Inside Edition. “But it’s nice to see them go home to such an amazing family.”

Find out more about these beautiful dogs in the clip below and have your tissues ready!

How anyone can do this to an animal is shocking, I hope the person responsible is found and punished.

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