Two older Clydesdale horses fall into icy pond – watch their dramatic rescue

For those who live near bodies of water, it’s important that we warn little ones not to go near when it’s icy. But what about animals?

In Pennsylvania two 15-year-old Clydesdale horses escaped their field to go wandering one morning — only to end up in freezing cold waters.

The 1500 pound animals were unable to get out on their own and exhausted themselves trying to get out of 10 feet of freezing cold water.

Emergency crews were called and had the painstaking task of trying to free them.


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Gunther and Wilhelm had escaped the safe surroundings of Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm near Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

They had wandered onto a nearby lake and fell through the ice into treacherously cold water.

Responders from Blue Ridge Hook and Ladder Fire Company were called out.

“I saw two horse heads sticking up out of the ice,” Fire Chief Leon Clapper told WBRE-TV. “That was the only thing you saw.”


A rescue team used chain saws to cut a path through the ice.

Rescue ropes were then tied around the horses, leading them back to shore.

A neighbor who witnessed the operation was shocked saying, “Never in 54 years have we ever had an animal or a human lost in the lake.”

The horses got out without any injuries and are being closely monitored by vets.

Watch their dramatic rescue in the video below

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