Two paddlers see an old sack floating in the river. Do not believe their eyes when they find 6 little lives

There are lots of people who love to make the most of the great outdoors. It’s peaceful, free and great for your mind and body.

That was definitely the case for two kayakers who were enjoying a laid back journey across Blackstone River in Massachusetts, USA.

Suddenly, the silence on the river was pierced by a sound that they didn’t expect to hear. Small cries were coming from an old potato sack floating down the river.

Facebook/Uxbridge Police Department

The two kayakers immediately paddled over to the sack and opened it up. To their surprise they saw six tiny puppies, barely a week old.

They had been tied up in a sack and thrown into the river, reports CBS News.

The paddlers contacted Uxbridge Police Department, who soon arrived to take care of the puppies.

Police chief Jeff Lourie 29 said he can’t understand how people could be heartless enough to throw defenceless puppies into the river.


Thanks to their guardian angels, all six puppies made it out of the river unharmed and are now doing well.

The pups were taken into the care of Uxbridge Animal Control where they were given food and medicine.

After the discovery, the police went out with an appeal to the public. They were on the lookout for a man on a mountain bike that had been seen in the area around the time the puppies are believed to have been thrown into the river.

They were also looking for people who would be able to adopt the puppies when they were big enough.


Following the police appeal, they received an extremely high response from people who wanted to help.

Unfortunately, the police have since stated that it will be very difficult to catch the suspect.

Here’s a newsclip about the incident:

How lucky that these puppies were rescued, just in time! 

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