Veterinarian struck off – 200 dogs “screamed in pain” after given outdated injection

The news that your dog is too sick to carry on and you have to consider putting your four-legged friend down is a decision all dog owners fear.

But after taking into account your dog’s illness, injury or age, it may be the right decision to take to stop their pain. When it’s time most of us would like to think that our vet is a professional who will carry out the procedure without causing any further pain or suffering.

Now it’s emerged that a veterinarian has been using outdated methods to put dogs down, something he had been doing for decades.


British veterinarian John Hendrie Smith, 89, who is suspected of killing over 200 dogs with an injection to the heart – an outdate euthanisai technique, according The Times.

His method, which would have caused “appalling pain” to the animals, was revealed after one dog owner complained.

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Darren Stevenson told a disciplinary hearing that Hendrie Smith had made a house call to put his terminally ill dog Bouncer to sleep, as reported in The Sun.

Screamed in pain

Stevenson’s partner at the time Rachael McRoberts recounted the awful moment she heard their dog scream.

“It was horrible. The dog was wailing for what seemed like ages. I’ve never heard a dog make a noise like that,” she said according to The Times.

Vet struck off

An investigation found that John Hendrie Smith, who qualified in 1953, had used the technique for years on more than 200 animals. He admitted many screamed in pain before dying.

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According to WebMD vets will administer the euthanasia medication through an IV injection in the pet’s leg and many vets give the pet a shot of sedative before the euthanasia drug to help calm them down.

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