Veterinary employee is caught on a security camera hitting a dog unconscious

Pets are prized members of our family that bring us so much joy.

But, it’s always a worry when they get sick. The cost can be a worry and the diagnosis is always worrying. But when your pet is sick what safer hands to put them in than that of a vet.

We put our trust in our vet to help make our animals feel better and care for them in the process.

But in this case the opposite happened and now social media has lit up after seeing the cruel treatment of a veterinarian worker toward a poor puppy.

Us pet owners know how hard it is to get our animals to the vet, as soon as my dog sees the vet building she starts to panic.

In the case of Teo the dog, he had to be taken to the vet.

As his owner sat hoping her dog wasn’t stressing too much, she had no idea what was actually happening.

Dog fell unconscious

One of the veterinary staff in charge of grooming the Shih Tzu had laid him out on the table.

In the video below you can see the employee  appear as though he hits the dog strongly on each side of the neck.

The dog then fell unconscious, writes Debate.

Photo: Twitter

He tried to revive him

The worker immediately tried to revive him and one of his colleagues went out to call for assistance.

The incident occurred at a vets in the neighborhood of Paraiso in Colombia.

The owner was devastated and said that she noticed that her dog was “down” and decided to take him to another vet, where he was hospitalized, according to Debate.

Offender facing jailed

A video of the incident was then shared on social media and quickly went viral as people expressed their horror.

The head of specialized services of the Metropolitan Police, Major David Jassan, is in charge of the animal abuse complaint against Teo.

And the accused is facing up to three years in jail and a ban on working with animals, according to El Heraldo.



The owners of the vet clinic have posted a message on Instagram where they apologized for what had happened.

The couple said they cooperated fully with authorities so the necessary action can be taken against him and will “remain committed to taking care of animals,” the post said.

Watch this awful abuse of trust against a defenseless animal in the video below. Some viewers may find the footage upsetting.

This behavior is completely unacceptable. I hope with all my heart that the puppy is well and that the person responsible pays for his actions. Share if you agree.