Vet’s neighbor gives away his beloved therapy dog – can’t hold back the tears when he’s finally reunited

It’s a fact that animals are good for our health, especially our mental health. For one veteran his beautiful white Labrador Sandy was not only his beloved companion but was also his emotional support dog.

When Larry was involved in a car accident, he thought he was safe in asking his neighbor to look after Sandy while he recovered in hospital. But, on his return his whole world was turned upside down when he discovered his neighbor had given Sandy away.




Facebook/Larry S Peteet

Larry Peteet was involved in a car accident and found himself in hospital for three days with nobody to look after his beloved pet Sandy.

While in hospital the air force veteran from Land O’ Lakes, Florida was asked what he wanted to do with his 8-year-old emotional support dog, Sandy.

According to WTSP, Larry named a neighbor who could look after her. He was later assured that Sandy was fine, leaving Larry able to focus on recovering with his mind at rest that his dog was safe — or so he thought.

Facebook/ Larry S Peteet

But, when he got out of hospital his dog was nowhere to be found and he was frantic with worry.

Larry was told that Sandy was with the Pasco County Animal Services but when he visited she wasn’t there so he headed to another pet resource center and no luck there either.

He began searching shelters desperately trying to find his beloved dog. It was an exhausting and upsetting search.


Larry discovered that another neighbor had taken her in and then gave her to someone at a local dog park because they happened to own a black Labrador, according to WTSP.

It was time to enlist the help of a pet detective and after 22 days he finally tracked her down.


Watch the moment when Larry and Sandy are finally reunited, it’s an emotional one!

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I know so many pet owners can relate to the anguish that Larry must have gone through trying to track his beloved dog down. Thank goodness he was able to find her.

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