Watch what happens when a vet locks himself in a hot car: All parents and pet owners need to see this

Despite constant warnings in the media and signs reminding people to check the back seat of their car, there are still heart-breaking cases of pets and young children losing their lives after being left in a hot car.

According to, an average of 38 children die every year after being left in a hot vehicle. Despite more awareness figures have increased over the years.

The figure is higher for pets and those were the ones that were reported.

Now a veterinarian has issued a shocking video of how life-threatening a hot car can be to humans and animals, and it’s hard to watch.


In the viral video Dr. Ernie Ward  gets into a car on a hot sunny day and shows how quickly the temperature rises — even with the windows rolled down slightly.


Equipped with a timer he shows the two million and more people who have watched this video, that after just ten minutes the heat was “unbearable”.

Even with the all the windows cracked and a breeze blowing, the inside of the car didn’t get that breeze and becomes hotter, something many of us wouldn’t consider.

“I mean, this kills. And it’s a lousy way to die,” Dr. Ward said in the video.

After 20 minutes Dr. Ward showed the temperature had reached 110 degrees and he was covered in sweat; he reminded viewers that dogs cannot perspire.


“What would it feel like to be a dog to be stuck in a car?” he asked. “You know, you’re helpless. You have no control over what’s happening.”

The same goes for a child in a hot car also. “Your body is getting so overheated that you could be in real danger,” he said.

After 30 minutes he notes the temperature is 116 degrees but admits that the first few minutes were unbearable.

Watch the video below to see the awful experience this vet endures to prove how dangerous it is to leave your pet or child in a hot car.

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This is tough viewing but so crucial to remind people that what they think may be a safe environment to leave their pet in, even for just 30 minutes, it’s really a painful and potentially life-threatening experience.

Dr. Ward admitted that as an animal expert he found it an “eye opening” experience.

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