Woman cradles dying shelter dog in her arms all night so that he won’t pass away alone

It’s heartbreaking enough to think of the number of homeless animals roaming the streets unable to ask for help let alone the ones who are sick and dying.

There are so many animals that die alone because nobody cared about them.

When a dying dog was brought into an animal shelter, staff could have made him comfortable and given him food and water and thought that was enough.

But one animal lover went above and beyond to ensure this dying dog knew that he was loved in his final moments.

Janine works with animals every day and understands how they all need love and care. It’s not possible to do this for every animal but when she saw Watson the pitbull, she knew what to do.

It was obvious to Janine that Watson was on his last legs and all she could do was hug him.

Janine Guido is founder of  Speranza Animal Rescue, in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania, a non profit committed to helping the most abused and neglected animals find new homes.

The animal lover had seen too many sick and injured creatures like Watson and had huge empathy for homeless dogs who never felt loved or cared for throughout their lives.

Watson was brought into the rescue center by a stranger and was covered in sores. The pitbull also had a tumor that was inoperable.

There wasn’t anything that could be done to save Watson so all Janine could do was make him as comfortable as possible. But her care didn’t stop there.

Stayed by Watson’s side all night

Knowing that Watson didn’t have long left, she stayed with him and ended up sleeping at the shelter for the entire night, staying close while he snoozed.

When they woke up in the morning, she knew that he was close to leaving her and it didn’t take long before he passed away.

“I’m just so thankful I was able to hold him tight for his last night,” Janine told The Dodo. “I was telling him how much he was loved — and that his life mattered. My heart is breaking, but I would not change a thing.”

It’s so sad that Watson’s life couldn’t be saved but I’m so glad he left this earth knowing someone cared about him.

We all need someone like that in our hour of need. If you think Janine is an animal hero please share this story to pay tribute to her.