Woman discovers skinny dog abandoned in restaurant so she decides to bring him home

Every animal deserves a loving home. Full stop. It is something they need and deserve, but sadly, this isn’t the reality of our world.

Many domesticated animals suffer, with cats and dogs in particular seen roaming streets at times in dire shape and in need of food and of course, love.

Kiara Alamo was sitting at a restaurant in Puerto Rico when she encountered one such animal. A frail, skinny dog that appeared in desperate need of love and care.

So that’s exactly what she gave him.


Kiara discovered the skinny white dog, sadly huddled in a corner of the restaurant. He looked completely defeated, and afraif of strangers, his head appeared to permanently be bowed down. Her heart just broke.

“The face of that dog… he was so sad and afraid of people,” Kiara told The Dodo. “[I could see in] his eyes that he needed so much love — I couldn’t leave him in that restaurant.”

Kiara Alamo

There was only one thing that needed to be done, as far as Kiara was concerned. So she brought him home, and named him Uto.

Kiara took Uto to the vet for a much needed checkup. She’d noticed that he had trouble walking. After an examination, the vet informed Kiara that Uto was in need of an operation.

Kiara Alamo

One look at Uto’s face, and Kiara obliged. The operation went well and Kiara worked tirelessly over the next several weeks to bring life back to the sad dog.

Slowly but surely, their bond grew. Kiara watched as Uto regained his strength as well as happiness for what could have been the first time in his life.

Kiara Alamo

“My plan always was [to] put him in adoption and find him a forever home, but after months of therapy on his leg I felt so much love [for him],” Kiara said. “He was like an angel. I couldn’t put him up for adoption with that little face.”

It takes a lot of courage to rescue a dog off the street and bring him home. To then keep it forever? It takes an angel.

Kiara Alamo

Kiara and her family proved that’s exactly what they were. They decided they just couldn’t let Uto go.

“[It] was the best decision I made,” Kiara said.

One year later, Uto is now as happy as can be. He is still afraid of strangers at times, which comes as no surprise based on his history. But he certainly feels right at home by Kiara and her family’s other three dogs.

Kiara Alamo

“Uto [taught] me how to be happy no matter what’s happened in your past,” Kiara said. “He’s got so much love to bring me, that he doesn’t even care about what other people did to him.”

Just look at that face!

Kiara Alamo

What a lovely change of fate for a sweet dog! Every pet deserves a loving home where they can live in security and surrounded by love and care. Please share this story if you agree Kiara did a wonderful thing!