Woman hears strange noises under her bed – calls in an expert who uncovers an unbelievable sight

Imagine you hear noises coming from under your bed. You then discover that something is living and thriving – and it’s not a ghost!

It’s a scary thought.

But for one woman in Louisiana this was a reality.  She called in expert Jeff Horchoff who set about removing the noisy creatures and the images are truly amazing.


Photo: YouTube

Jeff is a volunteer beekeeper for a Benedictine monastery  in southeast Louisiana.

So when the homeowner suspected there might be bees living under her floorboards who better to come out and investigate than Jeff.

Photo: YouTube

Jeff discovered that the bees were entering the house under the roof tiles but couldn’t find where they were going.

Using his expertise in bees he soon discovered the hive.

Covered from head to toe in protective clothing he carefully cuts through the floorboards creating the perfect hatch.

Photo: YouTube

The precision he needs to access this beehive without harming the bees or himself is so skillful.

After watching him in action nobody could be in any doubt that he really is an expert.

Photo: YouTube

When he lifts up the piece of floor board where the hive is attached the size of the beehive is staggering.

It’s such a treat to see one of these close up.

Jeff manages to dislodge the hive almost in one piece!

Photo: YouTube

He puts it on his workbench and gets to work vacuuming the bees into a safe enclosed environment.

He leaves a piece of honeycomb in the floor so any bees that he didn’t get will cling to this area.

Photo: YouTube

Bees are essential for our ecosystem. Most of the plants we need for food requires pollination from bees in order to thrive.

“Bees perform a task that is vital to the survival of agriculture: pollination. In fact, one third of our global food supply is pollinated by bees. Simply put, bees keep plants and crops alive,” reports elite daily.

In other words we as humans couldn’t survive without bees.

The way Jeff carefully finds the queen bee and then transfers the honeycomb to his own beehive so the colony survive is so amazing to watch. This man is such a hero!

Photo: YouTube

Watch Jeff the bee hero at work in the video below and don’t forget to share to remind others how important bees are.