Woman texts boss to tell him she’ll be late for work, and his response is the best ever

Have you ever told told a little white lie about why you were going to be late to work? You probably had a good reason, but you knew your boss wouldn’t understand. So you said you were “really sick.” Or maybe you had a “headache.”

While it seems like a good idea, sometimes it actually pays to tell the truth. At least when you have an understanding boss like the one in this story.

When a woman named Jenn texted her boss that she was going to be late for work, she gave him an unusual reason. Her puppy was sleeping and was simply too cute to leave until she had a few minutes to appreciate him in all of his adorableness.

She even included a picture, and I have to say, I completely understand why she risked upsetting her boss.

But how did her boss react? Read the text exchange and see her boss’ inspiring message below to find out!

Recently, a person who works as a manager at a company posted an unusual text message he received on the social photo sharing site Imgur.

One of his employees was going to be late for work and she texted him to let him know. Her reason was suprising — she couldn’t get over how cute her puppy looked — but her boss’ reaction was even more shocking. Instead of scolding the woman for being late or criticizing her for her unusual reason for being late, he actually rewarded her. Read on to see how and why!

After the exchange, the manager had this to say on Imgur:

“Just trying to be a good boss.
This lady has been with the company for about 8 years. In my time, she has never been late, called out, etc. She’s also a very sweet older lady that the guys in the office call “Mom.” Two tickets for the Bark at the Park promotional game coming up will be purchased, and given to her by the end of the day.

How could I be upset over that cute pup?!

Be nice to each other today!

FP EDIT: Holy macaroni! To answer some questions — I looked it up, and yes, this was the first time Jenn has been late in nearly six years. She missed work one other time in her nearly eight year career with us, and that was when her son had his wisdom teeth removed about nine months into her employment. She was eleven minutes late today – not too terrible, if you’re asking me.

Jenn also calls herself “Mom” in company emails, etc. She fully embraces the name and has done so since her last child left for college almost five years ago.

I gave her the tickets – she’s looking forward to taking her pupper to the game!

Miller is a good dude. I bought him Chipotle for the extra work. He stole my hot sauce and I’ve yet to see it back on my desk, though.

Send bobs and vangene.”

What do you think? Doesn’t this boss seem like a wonderful person to work for?

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